Events Organized


2021 - 22
Sl. No Date Resource Person Topic
1 24-Sept-22 Mr. Adit Abraham Acting & Stage Presence
2 15-Sept-2022 Mr. Mebin Wilson Thomas Scope of forensic psychology in India
3 30-May-2022 Mr. Adhoksh Hegde Coaching psychology
4 28-May-2022 Dr. Sushila Ramaswamy Challenges to feminism in the contemporary times
5 14-May-2022 Ms Sneha Shaji

Ms Sadhana Subramanian

Careers in Communication
6 14-May-2022 Ms Sneha Shaji

Ms Sadhana Subramanian

Careers in Communication
7 1-July-2022 Anindita Pattanayak

Research associate, Daksh

Legal Journalism
8 30-June-2022 Dr SaiKiran

Clinical coordinator, Head of Academics-Frontier Lifeline Hopsitals

9 30-June-2022 Mr Pavan Chawla

Founder Editorat

Media management expertise
2020 - 21
Sl. No Date Resource Person Topic
1 31-Dec-21 Dr. Asad Chaturvedi

PhD - Leadership & Life Coach, Trainer

Corporate Communication : Open your mind to new possibilities
2 16-Dec-21 Rtd.Dr.Shobha G

Director – School of Home Science, Maharani Cluster University

Family and Couples Counseling
3 13-Dec-21 Dr Areesh Kumar

Department of Political Science, St Joseph College

International Law And Human Rights- A Case Study
4 30-Nov-21 Mr.Sunny Joseph

Sound Designer

Basics of Sound production
5 16-Nov-21 Ms. Anandita


Legal Journalism
6 26-Jun-21 Ms. Summaiya Khan

Knowledge Transfer officer at Karnataka Health Promotion Trust

Decision making theory in the context of Foreign Policy
7 18-Jun-21 Dr. Aparajita Das

Risk Analysis Consultant and Editor

Career Prospects in the field of Political Science
8 23-May-21 Ms.Manuja Veerappa

Assistant Editor- Sports – Times of India

Sports Journalism
9 27-May-21 Ms. Shrishti Verma

Reporter- Output Desk, Times Now, Noida

Inside the TV Newsroom
10 01-July-21 Ms.Dhanya Rajendran

Editor - The News Minute

Journalism basics
11 25-Nov-2020 Ms.Sangeetha Devi

Assistant Editor and Special Correspondent, The Hindu, Hyderabad

Guest Lecture on Feature Writing and Reporting
12 23-Nov-2020 Prof.Priyanka Banerjee

McGill University, Canada

Democracy and Minority Issues
13 11-Sep-2020 Ms.Lavanya Ballal

Media Consultant and National Social Media Coordinator – AICC ( in collaboration with B..PAC)

Political Campaigning and Social Media
14 23-Oct-2020 Dr.Kulveen Trehan

Associate Professor, Indraprastha University, Delhi

Careers in Media
15 30-Oct-2020 Dr.Megha Pushkarna

Assistant Professor in IILM University Gurgram

Career options in the field of Psychology
16 03-Apr-2020 Ms Nalini Channapatna

Psychotherapist, USA ( via Zoom App)

Education and Career opportunities in Clinical Psychology
17 13-Apr-20 Ms Sangeetha Janachandran

Communication and PR consultant ( via Zoom App)

Trends in Public Relations - strategies and case studies
18 27-Feb-20 Ms Pratibha Raman

Chief Editor – Asianet Newsable

Trends in the Digital Media
19 27-Feb-20 Mr.Annamalai


Role of Youth in Nation Building
20 10-Feb-20 Mr Santhosh


Photo feature by
21 6-Feb-20 Mr.Aravind Shivakumar


Family Systems Constellation (Psychology)
22 27-Jan-20 Ms. Prema Sridevi

Former Investigative Editor, Republic TV

Investigative Journalism
23 24-Jan-20 Ms. Chandrika Radhakrishnan

Freelance Soft Skill Trainer

Society And Literature – A Symbiotic Relationship
24 8-Dec-21 M S Preeja Sreedhar, Life Coach Workshop on Body Dysmorphia
25 6-Dec-21 Ms.Pratibha Raman

Independent Journalist

Workshop on News Anchoring
26 15-Jul-21 Pavan Srinath

Podcaster, Lead at IVM Podcasts

Create your own Podcast by
27 10-Jul-21 Mr.Anantha Subramanyam

Photo Journalist

Storytelling through pictures
28 12-June-21 Prof. Megha Pushkar Assistant Professor

IILM University, Gurugram

Workshop on Self Care – Reach Within
29 13-Nov-21 Mr.Sameer Kapoor

Vice President, Ad factor, Delhi ( Media Club)

Workshop on Digital Media Marketing
30 05-Nov-21 Prof.Jini

from YourDost ( Psychology Day Event) - Psychology Club

31 8-Feb-20 Dr. Jini K Gopiath

Hypnotherapist and Clinical Psychologist

32 27-Feb-20 Prof.Sai Kiran

Consultant Neurofeedback Trainer, BCIA, USA.

33 27-Feb-20 Mr.Adarsh Eshwarappa

( Film Maker)

Short Film Making Workshop
2018 - 19
Sl. No Date Resource Person Topic
1 30 July 2019 Mr Puneeth

Digital media Influencer, Content Producer and Entrepreneur

Social Media Influencer, Content Creator and Creative writer.
2 05 Aug 2019 Ms Veena Jain


3 07 Aug 2019 Mr John Thomas

Senior Journalist

The Art of writing Headlines
4 29 Aug 2019 Ms Ekta Manchand, Principal Designer , Spread Designs && Innovations Creating a Brand and Design story
5 18 sept 2019 Anita Rao Kashi Travel Journalism
6 29 Jan 2019 Ms. Nidhi Krishnan,

Research Consultant

Consumer Insights
7 08 Feb 2019 Deepa Ramachandran, Counselor Self Awareness
8 25 March2019 LT. Patrick Raj Kumar , Assistant Professor, HOD Political Science  – St Joseph ‘The Role of Election Commission in Democratic Systems and Election Reforms’
9 28 March 2019 Ms Sowmya Gowda, Senior Manager – Learning && Development – DXT Technology Degree in English – What Next?
10 29/01/2019 Ms. Nidhi Krishnan

Research Consultant

Consumer Insights
11 08 Feb 2019 Deepa Ramachandran counselor Self Awareness
12 7th Aug- 2018 MrAnanthSubramaniyam photojournalist Photo Journalism
13 26th Aug- 2018 Mr Cecil George. consultant Drug Addiction
14 4th Sep- 2018 Ms. PriyashreeAndley Cyber security consultant Career Option In Political Science
15 8-Aug-17 Dr. Paul Newman Researcher The role of USA in promoting terrorism
16 11-Aug-17 Mr. ChidanandRajghatta

Foreign Correspondent – The Times of India

International Reporting
17 26-Oct-17 .KotwalYugandhar Asistant Manager of British Council Library, Banaglore Orientation programme about ‘British Council Library’
18 28-Jul-17 Ashwini N.V Psychiatrist Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’
19 14-Mar-18 Mr Ishwar Daitota, Senior Journalist, Former Editor in chief of Udayavani and Vijaya Karnataka Trends in Kannada Journalism
20 31-Jan-18 Ms. ManujaVerrappa Senior Sports Correspondent Sports Journalism
21 13-Feb-18 Ms. Stefanie Pukallus Journalist and Writer Journalism in the modern world
22 9-Apr-18 Prof Muthu kumar IFS officer Foreign Policy of USA
23 11-Apr-18 Mr Gautham Shenoy National Creative Head – Saatchi and Saatchi Trends in Advertising industry
24 22-Feb-18 Mr Gautham Machiah Media Personality and expert Trends in Indian Media Industry
25 22-Feb-18 Mr Deepak Thimayya Journalist Future of Journalism

Guest Lecture

Report on field visit to Vidhana Soudha

Time/Duration: 11 to 1:00 pm

Total Number of Participants:45

Department of Humanities had conducted a field trip to Vidhana Soudha as an activity from the Political Science club. It was conducted on 14th September,2022.

The activity saw participation from the students in terms of having a learning experience about the working of the monsoon session of Vidhana Soudha. The activity was focused on gaining knowledge about working of the Vidhana Soudha. There was an active session which the students witnessed. In the session Ex-Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr. Kumaraswamy was seen talking about the Karnataka flood which happened from 2018 - till date. He brought under light the fund relief sanctioned by the State and Central Governments to aid the flood affected areas. He argued about BJP’S feeble and slackened Contribution in giving aid to the flood affected areas. However,He immediately faced a counter argument from one of BJP’s prominent members and she pointed out that when Mr. Yediuruppa(one of Karnataka’s Ex-CM) was the CM of Karnataka,the flood affected areas received amenities like tv, fridge and compensation of rupees 5 to 10 lakh and even food assistance was given. Before the session could proceed further , it was adjourned for lunch break.

The live session gave a vivid insight into the working of the Vidhana Soudha. It enlightened the students in its day to day functioning.

Overall, the field trip was highly interactive and insightful.

Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture – Psychology

Topic: The scope of Forensic Science in India

Time/Duration: 1:30 pm – 3:45 pm

Total Number of Participants:50 students of Department of Humanities

Guest Speaker: Mr. Mebin Wilson Thomas. Assistant Professor - Department of Forensic Sciences, Jain University.

On 15th September, 2022, a guest lecture was conducted on the topic – The scope of Forensic Science in India by Mr. Mebin Wilson Thomas. Mr. Mebin is an Assistant Professor in Department of Forensic Science, Jain and a co-founder of evidence Analytica Laboratories Pvt Ltd.

The lecture started from 1:30 PM till 3:45 PM. The seminar was very. Forensic Sciences is not that explored arena among Indians. Indians have formed their opinion based on TV Series and Movies. We find the job very fascinating based on such ideas but Mr. Mebin gave us an idea about the real and uncomfortable side of it. He began the lecture with scope, career option and branches of Forensic science. It was a very eye opening session.

This field is very less explored as there are only 2 colleges in India which introduce such courses to Indian students. Any stream of student can opt for such course after their under graduation. This field can be merged with any field such as law, finance, crime and so on. This field is not that explored so there are various myths attached to it. The myths were cleared in various simple forms.

Case studies were discussed in the seminar hall. The session was very interactive. There was Q and A session which helped the students to find answer for their questions. The knowledge which was gained by the student was impeccable. The simplest of the language was used by Mr. Mebin which made every student understand such complex topic. The session was a great learning opportunity.

By line Swayamprajna III Sem BA

Film Club

Report on Film Club

Time/Duration: 9:15 am to 1:00 pm

Total Number of Participants:40

The Film Club of Department of Humanities conducted a film review activity on 9th September 2022. It was organized for the whole department and the movie Pink by Shoojit Sircar was screened.

The activity saw active participation from both the students and teachers. The movie Pink focused on heinous crimes of sexual harassment and gave an insight into the laws relating to such crimes along with its application.

The activity enhanced the reviewing capability of all the students and enlightened all about the social issue regarding safety of women.

Overall, it was an interactive and highly engaging activity.

Sl. No. Title Date Resource Person


1 FS Constellation Workshop 06 Feb 2020 Mr.Aravind Shivakumar
2 Short Film Workshop 26 and 27 Feb 2020 Mr.Adarsh Eshwarappa, Film Maker
3 Neurofeedback 27 Feb 2019 Prof. Sai Kiran Kumar
4 Hypnosis Workshop 28 Feb 2020 Mr. Jini K Gopinath


1 Google workshop – News Verification and fact-checking 26, 27 July 2019 Ms. Geethika Rustagi – Google News lab trainer
Bharath Nayak – Founder and Editor, The Logical Indian
2 RJing 28 February 2019 RJ Disha Oberoi, Red FM
3 Neuro Feedback 28 February 2019 Prof Sai Kiran, Regan Med Care
4 Digital Marketing 27 February 2019 Ms Ranjini Rao, Marketing Communication Expert
5 EFT Pschology 25 Sept 2019 Ms Ranjini Rao, Marketing Communication Expert


1 Transactional Analysis 28th September 2018 Mrs. P K Saru.
2 Film Appreciation 23 Jan 2018 Prof. Manu Chakravarthy, National award winning film critic
3 Film Appreciation – Vrittanta 22 Feb 2018 Mr Prakash Belawadi && Dr Uma Vangal
4 Multimedia Journalism 23 Feb 2018 Prof Kanchan Kaur, Dean IIJNM
5 Student Seminar 31 Aug 2018 Mr. Rajdeep Manwani


1 Film Review 10 Aug 2017 Prof Parineeta Shinde, Academician and
2 Anger Management 22 Sep 2017 Ms Priyanka P, Psychologists – Sports Authority of India
3 Body Language 22 Sep 2017 Ms Somya Awasthi –  Psychologist – Sports Authority of India

Sl. No Place Date Sem
1 Press Club 27 July 2017 V Sem
2 High Court 16 August 2017 II sem
3 Kripa Revival Center (NGO for rehabilitation) 28 August 2017 II && IV sem
3 Deccan Herald Printing Press 31/01/2019 II sem students
4 Doordarshan 12/02/2019 VI semester students
3 Deccan Herald Printing Press 31/01/2019 II sem students
4 Doordarshan 12/02/2019 VI semester students
1 Iskon Temple – Akshayapatra scheme 31stJuly- 2018 V Sem Students
2 Central jail 03rdOct- 2018 III&& IV Sem Students
3 NIMHANS (Science Exhibition – Brain Museum) 28 February 2018 II && IV Sem Psychology Students
4 All India Radio 03 March 2018 IV sem
5 Deccan Herald Printing Press 27 March 2018 II Sem
6 Suvarna TV 04 April 2018 VI sem


Ms. Nalini Prasanna

Conducted a Webinar on ‘Education and Career opportunities in Psychotherapy in the USA’ on 3 April 2020


Ms. Sangeetha Janachandran

Conducted a webinar on ‘Trends in Public Relations – Strategies and Case Studies’ on 13 April 2020


Ms. Pritha Mukherjee Sanyal

Conducted a webinar on ‘Phonetics and Pronunciation: Sounds in the English Language’ on 29 June 2020




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UG - BCOM / BBA / BCA / BA - 1, 3 & 5










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