Library Activities

Library Advisory Committee

  • Library Advisory Committee Meeting
  • Library Advisory Committee consists of one teaching faculty and one student member from each department.
  • The Chairman of the Advisory Committee being the Director & Principal of the college.
  • The member secretary being the librarian
  • The Committee meets twice a year at the beginning of the semester
The duties and functions of the Committee are:

  • To consider policy matters regarding library including the policy for procurement of books and journals and render advice to the Committee for Library procurements.
  • To look into day to day problems of the Library clientele, Library staff and send recommendations to Director & Principal for the desired decision.
  • To maintain liaison between Library and various Academic Departments for the purchase of books, subscription & renewal of journals & magazines, subscription & renewal of E-Resources, subscription & renewal of Institutional Memberships
  • To consider and put forward the views of faculty members regarding books/journals selection, ordering process etc.
  • To consider and put forward the views of students and Research Scholars regarding their problems and solutions sought thereof.

EBSCO Orientation

Orientation Programme to EBSCO E-resource is conducted every year for the freshers of PG courses by Training manager Mr.Edwin Thomas of EBSCO.

Book Exhibition

Display of books and articles published by our faculties was conducted on account of Teacher’s Day celebrations on 6/09/2016 in the Quadrangle of the College.