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Entrepreneurship day-26/10/2017, Venue -The Atrium Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

On the 26th of October 2017, Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) cell of Presidency College had organized The Entrepreneurship day. The students of all the Departments were given a chance to provide various services to the students and the staff members of the college. This was an amazing opportunity to bring out the entrepreneurs hidden within the students. Their enthusiasm was outstanding and in no time the atrium became the
busiest point of the college. Students from all the Departments had gathered at the venue to experience the service provided by the young entrepreneurs. The event was a success due to the team effort of the students as well as the faculty members. The selection of the winners was made on the basis of the individual profits of the teams .The initial investment amount given to every team was hundred rupees.

The following were the teams that participated in the competition:

  1.  M.Com (IB). Henna Mehendi
  2. M.Com(FA)- Scary video
  3. BA-Journalism- Photography
  4. M.Com (FA)- Chalk art
  5. BA-Journalism- Nail art
  6. B.Com- Tatoo design
  7. MBA-Stress buster
  8. MBA- Cup and Handle
  9. BBA- Hitting the cups with 3 balls
  10. BBA- Arm wrestling
  11. B.Com- Tattoo and nail art

The winners :

  • B.com (Niranjan,Jayasurya and Jeevan)- First position
  • BBA (Siddarth and Prince) – First position
  • BA-Journalism (Sachin and Mahesh) – Third position