Sports Excellence

The flag of Presidency College (Autonomous) is always high up the mast because of the accolades accumulated by the department of sports.

Determination, Focus, Team spirit seasoned with grit and guts are what that best describes a Presidencian Sportsman. The college teams of various sports had crossed geographical boundaries such as Football and Basketball teams at National, State and District level competitions and lifted the trophies. Presidency College (Autonomous) till date has consistently preserved the champions tagline at Bangalore University in Cricket over a period of almost two decades.

Encouragement, motivation and support are extended through Sports Quota to deserving students while parallelly enriching their academic endeavours too. Numerous amateurs improvised themselves into professionals by the best of guidance from the college coaches.

The students can join in any of the various indoor and outdoor sports team such as

Sports Acheivements

Sports Acheivements