Academic Resources

Board Room

Presidency College (Autonomous) (NAAC reaccredited with A+ grade) has the provision to host meetings in the Board room.

The Management, the leadership team, company heads visiting the college for Campus Placements and various stakeholders convene meetings here regularly to chalk out plan of action, review, assess, appraise and audit the activities of the institution.

It is strategically located in the ground floor with all necessary and modern amenities which can accommodate around 20 members. It also has a pantry attached to provide beverages to the attendees. This room is typically the birthplace of major path-breaking decisions.

Smart Board

We at Presidency believe that technological inventions and innovations always redefine the style of teaching-learning pedagogy. Smart Board is one such marvel aid that is used in Presidency by teaching fraternity. One of our computer laboratories is equipped with smart board facility as a teaching aid. This interactive white board is connected to a computer system and LCD projector to facilitate the Faculty members to record the writings and explanations (Audio and Visual). Technical sessions conducted once and recorded with the help of smart board can be re-played later whenever required. It also helps in differentiated instruction pedagogy as it accommodates various learning styles. Students can repeatedly watch the previously held sessions when it comes to revision. The Smart board makes the teaching-learning experience wholesome.


Infirmary Room

Presidency College (Autonomous) (NAAC reaccredited with A+ grade) has an infirmary which is looked after by qualified staff. Medical check-ups of students are regularly carried out and record of the same is maintained. If the doctor is of the opinion that a ward needs special medical attention, the parents are immediately informed.

Parents are requested not to send their ward if sick to college for attending classes or appearing for examinations. This is in the best interest of their child, his/her classmates, faculty and other staff as well. Apart from casual consultations from the duty doctor who is present in the campus, annual health check-ups are also conducted by the College.

Art Room

Art is a creative activity that expresses imaginative or technical skill which is manifested in its product or an object. Presidency College (Autonomous) (NAAC reaccredited with A+ grade) has an art room which is the birthplace of many creative and innovative ideas. It beautifies the entire surrounding. It is open to every student in the College to discover and excel in divergent and creative thinking skills.

Whenever an event is held in the campus, students take the initiative of decorating the premises with their creative thoughts culminating in a handicraft. Themes are decided and the artifacts regarding the themes are creatively designed by the students in the art room. It is a place of collaboration for both students and fellow teachers to bring out the best during various events held at the campus.

Reprographic Centre

Presidency College (Autonomous) (NAAC A+) provides an in-house reprographic centre which caters to the needs of students, research scholars as well as staff members, for printing / xerox of notes and other academic-related documents. As the nature of the work focuses on academics, the photo copying charges are fixed at a subsidized rate. The working hours of the reprographic centre are extended beyond the class timings to motivate the students to gather study materials even after their stipulated schedule.