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The Department of Humanities has come a long way since its inception in the year 2011. It progressed from being the Center for Media Studies to the Department of Humanities in 2021.

The Department of Humanities at Presidency College is one of the most vibrant Departments. Our focus is on equipping students with conceptual knowledge, analytical and life skills coupled with communicative skills with a multi-dimensional approach. The objective is to facilitate the overall personality development of the students and prepare them to face real time challenges. The Department offers courses in Journalism, Psychology, and Political Science. The curriculum framework of all the courses is designed to meet the industry standards and is in congruence with NEP 2020.


Journalism, Psychology, Political science, and Economics


Media plays a ubiquitous role in our lives. Innovations and inventions in communication technology have revolutionized the media landscape. With this, the role of a Journalist/communication specialist has undergone transformation. The Journalism Course at Presidency College is designed to reflect the contemporary trends in the media world.

The course adopts an interdisciplinary approach to equip students with requisite theoretical understanding and practical skills. Allied streams such as Language and Literature, Cyber technology, Economics, Marketing, and Public Policy. are integrated into the course to enable students with a sound grounding in various aspects of Media.

Internships and Projects at regular intervals prepare students to learn on the field. A wide array of specialised courses in the domain of Digital Marketing, Marketing Communication, Film Making, Broadcast Media and Digital Journalism are offered to facilitate employability.

Course in Gender studies, Culture studies, Media Literacy, Film Appreciation infuses sensitivity and critical thinking in the learners. Students will get hands-on training in all practical areas of the field including Audio-visual production, Film Making and Photography.

Allied Courses

In keeping with NEP, the department has incorporated into the course skill and knowledge enhancing courses like Aptitude and Logical Reasoning, Popular Literature, Gender Studies, Theatre Studies and Film Studies. These courses have been chosen to enable the students to connect meaningfully with the outside world in the capacity of a professional and individual. It also supplements the humanities program as they nurture socially aware, responsible citizens of the world.


Psychology offers a vast scope of study and practical application making it a fascinating field understanding human behavior and mental processes. We provide opportunities for students’ field trips to industries and clinical set-ups that can provide valuable practical exposure, enhancing learning beyond the confine of the classroom. Psychology theory classes blend with the practical classes. The various branches of psychology include Industrial psychology, Clinical psychology, Developmental psychology, Social psychology, and Health psychology. Students interact with professionals in the field, offering valuable Networking opportunities and insights into a potential career path.

Political Science

Political Science is a versatile social science subject leading to a variety of career paths. Incorporating a strong interdisciplinary emphasis in the structure and design of its prescribed syllabi, the subject fosters a systematic and scientific understanding of political systems, policy making, government procedures and theories and practices of international politics. Besides regular classroom teaching, home assignments, tutorials, seminars, term papers and class presentations, the course engages in organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums, group discussions and guest lectures to augur the expansion of knowledge horizons and equip the students for fruitful careers and leadership roles. While pursuing this subject student will learn not just politics and government, but also gain valuable analytical, communication and research skills.



Economics is a dynamic and multifaceted field that offers students a profound understanding of how societies allocate resources, make decisions, and interact within diverse economic systems. Economic theories and models help to analyze real-world phenomena such as inflation, unemployment, international trade, and economic growth. The knowledge of economics play a vital role in shaping public policies, guiding business strategies, forecasting market trends, and addressing global challenges, making it a dynamic and impactful field for those passionate about making a difference in the world.

Economics isn’t just a subject; it’s a powerful tool that opens doors to a multitude of career opportunities across various industries. The skills acquired in economics will prepare one for their chosen career path in the field of finance, consulting, government policy, academia and international development.

HOD's Message

Ms. Nooren Alexeena Datta
HOD – Department of Humanities - BA
A warm welcome to the Presidency family

Department of Humanities is one of the most vibrant department of Presidency College (Autonomous) . The Department is focused on equipping students with conceptual knowledge, analytical and life skills coupled with communicative skills with a multi-dimensional approach. The objective is to facilitate the overall personality development of the students and prepare them to face real time challenges. The curriculum framework of Journalism, Psychology/Political Science and English Literature is conducive to prepare the students for a career in Journalism, Psychology, Public Policy, Communication, Advertising, Film and Public Relations, Teaching, Publishing, Research, Writing and Civil Services.

As you embark on this journey towards becoming successful graduates in the field of humanities, I would like to assure you that we, at the Department of Humanities in Presidency, would be by your side to mentor and motivate you to become confident, independent human beings with strong personalities. Through a harmonious relationship and mutual learning, together, we can reach greater heights. On behalf of the entire department, I wish you an intellectually stimulating and a scintillating journey ahead.


To foster an environment that imparts holistic education to ignite an inquisitive mind, inculcate the skills to achieve excellence, realize the nuances in research, seek and deal with challenges and carve out a niche for self.


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