International Students Support

Presidency College (Autonomous) (NAAC re-accredited with A+ grade) has considerable presence of students from across the world from diverse nations and cultures.

The International Students’ Coordinator (ISC), who is also the Student Counselor, helps students from other countries to blend and adapt to the culture of the college. The ISC works with the faculty members to help address international students’ issues in terms of studies-related and administrative issues.

In order to inculcate a sense of belonging in our international students, Presidency College (Autonomous) conducts International Students Day every year. A colourful display of cultures from around the world is showcased by the students themselves. Students show a lot of enthusiasm and passion to help organize and take part in this event and are proud in showcasing their countries’ uniqueness, culture, and attire thereby making the natives admire and appreciate the other part of the unseen globe.

During their course of study, students from other nations enjoy camaraderie with the local students, learn regional languages, and are exposed to various events and activities which helps in their overall holistic development.