Is a Degree at Top BCA Colleges in Bangalore Worth Pursuing?

The current trends in research and development have created an unending demand for tech experts. Students at the best BCA colleges in Bangalore have many odds working in their favour to bag such positions.

In addition to attending top BCA colleges in Bangalore, living in a city with numerous tech startups is a foolproof way to start a successful career in the field. Since the admissions season has set in, many aspiring students are facing the dilemma of choosing a course to pursue in college.


Why Is Presidency College One of the Top BCA Colleges in Bangalore?

Extraordinary Academics and Mentoring

When it comes to job opportunities after BCA, aspirants have to compete with engineers for the same position. The academic faculty and mentors at Presidency ensure that the students under their care have ample exposure to what the industry needs in the future. More than bringing textbook knowledge to the table, these students have hands-on experience to offer, which drastically changes how recruiters assess them.

Enriching Co-Curricular Activities

A career in computer science is not built on academics alone. To be successful professionals, students need to attend various co-curricular activities that can give them insight on how to be ethical and professional in workplaces.

The various clubs and communities offered by the college, such as the Kaizen (The Management Club) and Expressions (The Media Club), provide students with channels to explore their abilities. The exposure that students get from these activities might vary in range, but it is a cumulative effort to build a résumé with just the right components.

Innovative Pedagogy

Education systems have dampened curiosity in young minds by pursuing practices like rote memorisation. With innovative teaching practices, the faculty at Presidency College ignite the spark to learn in students. These students aim to gather more knowledge and broaden their horizons by actively interacting with the environment. Such dynamic young professionals are invaluable to teams that need new insights and energy to achieve their goals. Even globally, such skills are highly sought by employers.

Employability Enhancement Programme (EEP)

What makes an institute one of the top BCA colleges in Bangalore is its academic curriculum and how they prepare the students to apply themselves. This is the aim of EEP at Presidency College. Students who graduate from BCA are taught to utilise their skills in applying to the positions, preparing for MCA applications, and networking to establish themselves as professionals.

How to Apply for BCA at Presidency College

The following are the documents required for the process:

1) Clearance certificate for 10th and 12th grade exams from a recognised board that include proof of your date of birth

2) Statement of marks from your pre-university college

3) Favourable conduct certificate from your last-attended institution

4) Transfer certificate from the last-attended institution

5) Certificate of Migration for students from states other than Karnataka

6) Proof of address in a valid document such as electricity or gas book

7) An envelope of passport- and stamp-sized photographs

Students with a minimum of 50% aggregate mark in 10+2 or PUC in any relevant stream with English as a compulsory subject can secure admission to a BCA course.

What Next?


Graduating with a BCA degree alone does not guarantee attractive job opportunities. Along with a degree from the best BCA colleges in Bangalore, a very active Github, a solid Linkedin, and tons of projects and research are integral to finding good placements.


BCA is all about computers and technology. The key topics covered are coding languages such as C++, HTML, Python, and Java that help you develop software and mobile applications.

Data Scientists, Software Developers, Web Developers, Cloud Engineers, and Project Managers are included in the job profiles offered to BCA graduates.

Depending on your goals and skills, the compatibility of the college with your abilities can change. Presidency College is an option that stands out to most BCA aspirants in Bangalore city.

BCA is a 3-year undergraduate course.

No. BCA and BTech are quite different. Both are undergraduate degrees, but BTech is four years long, whereas BCA is three years long. The course curriculum also varies greatly.