Enrol in One of The Top 10 MBA Colleges in Bangalore for an Aspiring Career in Business Management

With Managerial skills growing in demand in this entrepreneurial culture, one is bound to learn the management skills and techniques to incorporate into the business world. A degree in master of business administration is highly appreciable among employers around the globe. So why wait? When you can apply for your master’s degree in business administration at Presidency autonomous college, considered to be among the top 10 MBA colleges in Bangalore.

MBA Gaining Popularity Among Engineering Graduates

Diverse Career Options :

An engineering graduate who developed their skill set in the technical stream is learning managerial skills to work in start-ups, advertising agencies, and health and fitness departments that are set apart from the basic monotonous jobs they get to work on.

Sharpen Managerial skills :

A good managerial skill set is required to succeed in any job. Management skills in finance, human resource and marketing sharpen one’s mind while dealing with money, human and statistics.

Establish your own Business :

Just by technical knowledge, one cannot run a business on a profitable scale.MBA will help the engineers learn the market trend, maintain employee relationships, market ideas and much more.

Grow with a High salary :

An engineering undergraduate cannot demand high salaries in the core department. So, they opt for an MBA course that equips them with managerial, communication and technical skills, which help them demand high salaries in the corporate world.

Expand your Network :

In this fast-changing world, one must work on networking skills to discuss future opportunities and how one might encounter them with an MBA degree. These conversations will surely reflect a long way when establishing their own business or conducting global events for organizations.

Reap the benefits of an MBA at the Presidency

MBA, on the whole, is a degree with many benefits for students. Undergraduates opting to engage in Presidency autonomous college are sure to gain much more than students enrolled in other colleges. Being among the top 10 MBA colleges in Bangalore, students get to grow on the campus with,

1) Good infrastructure.

2) Spacious library.

3) Friendly faculties.

4) Advanced teaching facilities.

The students are exposed to industry visits, interactions with professionals during guest lectures and paper presentations at international conferences to boost their confidence when they face the real practical business world. Presidency autonomous college, one of the top MBA colleges in Bangalore with fee structure being economical and affordable among its peer institutions, is one of the best and rarest combinations in the educational system.

MBA and its Specialization

Master in Business Administration, a field that helps you explore all the departments in an organization, from finance, marketing, communication and human resource management. The following MBA specializations help an organization grow widely and extensively in terms of sales and profits.

MBA in Finance

Business growth is determined by its profit and loss, governed by an MBA in finance. By opting for finance specialization, students can choose highly lucrative careers, like investment bankers, risk analysts, treasury officers, etc.

MBA in Human Resource Management

Choosing capable and productive employees is the task of an MBA graduate specializing in human resource management. Maintaining harmonious relationships among employees plays a crucial role in the success of an organization which is taken care of by the HR department. Students can consider careers such as talent acquisition manager, chief human resource officer, etc.

MBA in Marketing

An organization's reach is determined by its marketing ideas and techniques. An MBA graduate in marketing is expected to be creative and innovative to deliver the product or business on a social platform to be noticeable among the digital generations. With marketing specialization, one can consider becoming a product manager, digital content creator, etc.

Final thoughts

For a never-ending job opportunity striking your way, a career in MBA should top your list of postgraduate programmes at Presidency autonomous college. The college has got to offer numerous benefits through academic and non-academic activities to help students live successful lives. Being among the top 10 MBA colleges in Bangalore is a great achievement by the Presidency Autonomous college management in a competitive educational world. The centre for management studies, approved by AICTE, New Delhi, in 2002, is a good exposure for students offering industry visits and many more activities for one year-round. So, build your career by engaging at Presidency Autonomous college, which gained a NAAC certificate with A+ accreditation in 2017.

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Students must possess 50%(45% for SC/ST) aggregate marks from any recognized university in their undergraduate.

The MBA department organizes events like symposiums, faculty development talks, workshops and management fest for its students.

A programme started for MBA students is the entrepreneurship and incubation cell to develop their innovative and entrepreneurial skills.

The MBA department was established in 2002 to help students enrol in a professional business B-School in Bangalore.

Students get to attend one of the best placement offers in town at Presidency autonomous college, with a plethora of companies willing to recruit graduates of Presidency autonomous college.




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