Presidency College, one of the best colleges in Bangalore, offers various courses under undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. But when it comes to postgraduate courses for commerce students, the best in the market is offered for students to pursue and come out with flying colours.
Why M.Com?
When postgraduate courses for commerce students are offered with benefits like a handsome salary, job opportunities in private and public firms, or even starting a business, the urge to enrol alarmingly increases as students like to explore fields that help them with jobs that are challenging and quench their thirst for a knowledgeable syllabus.
Perks of Becoming an M.Com Graduate
1) One gets to work in an audit firm with an major. 2) The public department invites more graduates based on degrees as they indulge in many fields within the public sector, like lecturers, chief financial officers, investment bankers etc. 3) Trading and investment, the talk of the town business, garners interest among the young generation to pursue 4) The banking platform is considered an intriguing sector for graduates as they deal with syllabus related to banking professionals. 5) M.Com graduates can consider becoming stock brokers/investment analysts as they focus on international and local trades, buying and selling investment options in the market.
Postgraduate Courses For Commerce Students
The following areas are covered for commerce students in the postgraduate syllabus. Their roles in their respective fields are highly important, and acquiring a degree in postgraduate will be an add-on for their future. Masters of Commerce : A master’s degree in commerce is the need of the hour as we experience a change in the world market every minute. The unpredictable trade or investment or the exchange we do every day is monitored, and commerce graduates have good scope when engaged in such jobs. You name any industry, and there will be an graduate leading the team in streams like banking, company secretary, marketing and much more. A good skill set in communication, mathematics, and finance is all required for a postgraduate in the commerce department. If you dreamt about becoming an entrepreneur, then the degree will support you in any way, from setting up the organisation to creating policies, maintaining the finances and running the business profitably. Make sure to enrol yourself to get the best course from the faculty members who have excellent staff to learn from. Master in Finance and Accounting : A master’s degree in finance and accounting is a competitive programme that enables students to compete at international standards. A wide range of content is being covered to help the students gain knowledge in every aspect of finance and accounting. With world trade taking a toss each day, one is bound to understand how finance and accounting will help the nation and the individual escape inflation and financial crisis. Also, it is one of the intriguing postgraduate courses for commerce students as they deal with every business number. So why wait when the best course offered in the market is at your one click away?

Final Thoughts

Get an M.Com degree to enrich your knowledge more in goods and services. Amidst an unpredictable world economy, investing in a degree forecasting young minds to study and analyse the situation that helps them personally and professionally is considered the best option. M.Com offers a firsthand experience for students in finance and accounting to manage small business activities right from the start that profitably take the organisation. Take the postgraduate course for commerce students from Presidency college and become an expert in your early career days compared to your peers.


The postgraduate course for commerce students is considered to be the backbone of Presidency college from its commencement. The department always bags a good number of university rankers yearly.

In M.Com, graduates learn about the trading in goods and services and its analysis, whereas, in MBA, they will learn about implementing and administering the knowledge to take the business worldwide.

One must get 50% aggregate marks in their UG from any recognised university.