Make the most of your Career with a Master’s in Accounting and Finance from Presidency Autonomous College, Bangalore.

As commerce is the base for a business to flourish in terms of economic, financial and accounting aspects, choosing a degree in masters of commerce subjects is worth every penny. Knowledge in commerce opens the door to the business world through today’s research in the economic conditions of the commodity that keeps the country’s financial side stable. Enrolling in masters in accounting and finance from Presidency autonomous college, considered one of the best colleges in Bangalore, is sure to help students climb the ladder of success, with its exposure to international opportunities combined with the excellent standard of education provided by experienced faculty.

What is the Role of Finance and Accounting in Business Management?

With finance and accounting going hand in hand, a degree in the field of masters in accounting and finance is worth enrolling, as the course gives a 360-degree approach to any field when pursued. As finance and accounts are the backbones of a business, you are sure to secure jobs that offer a lucrative salary. Let us understand what accounting and finance mean in the business world.

1) Accounting is maintaining records and paperwork of your business with an insight to avoid future problems.

2) With periodic checks of your transactions and balance sheet, you can hold your business tight and strong in any financial crisis.

3) Accounts check your liabilities, assets and inventories and help you address them properly when needed.

4) Also, by proper accounting, you can check on the filing of financial statements that are to be done periodically.

Finance, on the other hand,

1) To wisely use the company’s capital investment to upscale the business.

2) By finance, you can encounter the company's needs within the limit.

3) Financial knowledge is required to generate and spend money collectively and profitably.

4) It also helps to sustain economic downturns as every business or organisation faces difficulties during the growing phase.

5) To streamline the cash flow positively and efficiently for sustainable growth.

So knowledge in finance and accounting is necessary, without which a business will find it difficult to sustain itself in this economic condition.

Careers to Dive into After Master in Accounting and Finance

A degree that leads the business culture is sure to find career opportunities in and around the world. Also, Presidency autonomous college provides placements with its recruiters conducting placement programmes for commerce students during their final year is a welcoming experience for graduates to enrol themselves in the process and choose their dream career at an early stage. Some of the career opportunities offered under finance and accounting streams are listed below to understand the professional world better.

Chartered accountant: Enrol in a CA profession if you are interested in guiding organisations to analyse and audit their financial statements.

Stock broker: Engage in investments by acting as an intermediary between the stock exchange and organisations.

Data analyst: If interested in processing financial numbers and data into information by mathematical and analytical methods, then enrol as a data analyst.

Economist: If you wish to provide advice on economic conditions in the business sector, please pursue your career as an economist.

Procurement manager: Interested in purchasing goods and services at a competitive price to operate a business successfully, consider choosing this career.

Retail banker: Consider choosing a retail banker career if you are interested in providing financial and accounting advice to individuals or an organisation.

Final Thoughts

A degree with profound knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the financial world is a surprise package for graduates to delve deeper into masters in accounting and finance. Also, with the world market marching towards inflation and financial crisis, academic knowledge about the financial world helps graduates predict the future for the organisation's benefit. With state-of-the-art library facilities at the campus comprising nearly 28,000 books, periodicals, novels etc., you can enrich your career growth with books from authors around the globe. The books available at the library are useful for students nearing their placements. The placement cell at Presidency autonomous college is one of the active and energetic departments working for the betterment of the students by dropping inputs regarding the interview process and the interview date. At Presidency autonomous college, there is a policy of one job offer per student where the student's name gets removed from the placement cell once they land a firm job offer. With such a policy, everyone will get an equal opportunity to participate and shine. So, consider taking the masters of commerce subjects for a good futuristic career with numerous benefits to land after two years of graduation.

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Industrial visits and one outbound trip during the course for students to combine practical and theoretical knowledge.

Students who have passed the, BBA, BBM and BBS with aggregate marks in all commerce subjects not less than 50% (45% for SC/ST category) from any recognised university are eligible to take up the course.

The department of commerce with and in finance and accounts commenced in 2011.

Yes, you can pursue your PhD degree after, provided you are eligible for the course as per the university requirement.

It is a cultural fest organised by the college and other students for its international students to showcase their talent and skills and represent their country's cultures.




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