Explore the dynamic world of Commerce and Finance with one of the best M.Com Colleges in Bangalore

Are you ready to upskill your financial career to the next level? And do your interests lie in accounting, economics, and business-related subjects? If so, this master’s course is just for you! As commerce education has endured a paradigm shift after the onset of the information revolution, it has transformed the perception of commerce graduates. Traditionally associated with roles like accountants, secretaries, and clerks, the shift has opened up new possibilities for commerce professionals. Graduates now seek Administration and Managerial positions, changing the trajectory of their careers. The field’s expanding scope has also resulted in demand for enhanced education if the field of Commerce. Being one of the top m com colleges in Bangalore, Presidency Autonomous College is attuned to this changing landscape. Crafted for graduates passionate about Finance and Commerce, our program prepares students with the requisite knowledge, skill, and domain expertise for emerging challenges. With a well-structured curriculum, the program endeavors to develop graduates with confidence and competence. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, our master’s in commerce (M.Com) program is designed to equip knowledge and skills to excel in the realm of business and Finance. Enroll now to make the most out of your financial career.
Key Highlights of the Presidency’s M.Com Program:
1) A comprehensive curriculum with a focus on Accounting and contemporary issues in Finance. 2) Innovative pedagogy with real-world applications emphasizing on skill-enhancement. 3) The program consists of skill development courses on Data and Business Analytics. 4) As one of the best m com colleges in bangalore, we offer world-class amenities and top-quality infrastructure, including well-equipped laboratories and a library. 5) The program comprises distinguished faculty with a combination of experienced educators and industry practitioners. 6) At Presidency, we commit to academic excellence and personal growth. 7) Our program strongly emphasizes effective communication and presentation skills for the students. 8) Value-added courses like Business ethics and Corporate Governance are included. 9) Internship programs and industry networking events are integrated as integral components of the course. 10) Holistically, Presidency Autonomous College practices a supportive and enriching environment for students.
Eligibility and Duration
The Masters of Commerce in Finance and Accounting eligibility is provided below for students to know before filling in the application form available at the Presidency website. 1) Completed B.Com/B.B.M/BBS or BBA Degree 2) Should have 50%(45% in SC/ST)aggregate marks in the qualifying examination. The course is for 2 years with 4 semesters.
Future career Prospects:
Graduates from this master’s program will have bright career prospects. Here are some of the domains they can contribute to: 1) Banking and Financial Services 2) Insurance and Investments 3) Accounting and Auditing 4) Sales and Marketing 5) Risk operations 6) Management 7) Teaching and Training 8) Research and Consulting

Summing It Up


Selecting the right college for academic advancement is crucial for commerce graduates. Presidency Autonomous College is one of the best m com colleges in Bangalore. Known for its top-quality education and outstanding infrastructure, the college boasts experienced and accomplished faculty. Integrating the latest developments and paradigm shifts in the field of Commerce, our course is curated exclusively for graduates interested in Commerce and Finance. The M.com program provides students with an opportunity to explore various facets of Commerce. It imparts holistic development and valuable industry connections, enabling graduates to thrive in the dynamic business world.

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Presidency Autonomous College houses some of the best-trained professionals who have immense knowledge in the finance field. They are friendly and interactive and often guide students with outcome-based solutions.

M.Com graduates can explore their careers in Finance, banking, accounting, consulting, auditing, and other related fields.

The M.Com program at Presidency Autonomous College offers specialization in Finance and accounting.

No, M.Com is not equivalent to MBA. M.Com is a postgraduate degree in Commerce, focusing on topics related to Finance, banking, and accounting. On the other hand, MBA is a broader management course including business operation, marketing, human resources, etc.

Yes, Presidency Autonomous College has excellent hostel facilities, providing students with a safe, comfortable, and vibrant living environment. Our institution is committed to fostering a holistic experience that extends beyond classrooms. At Presidency, the hostels are equipped with modern amenities to cater to the diverse needs of our students.