Pursue your dream of becoming a media personality: Unleash Your Potential with Bachelor of Arts mass Communication and journalism Degree at Presidency College, Bangalore

Are you passionate about storytelling, content creation, filmmaking, and media innovation? If so, this course is just for you!

As the media world continues to push boundaries, transforming our lives beyond limits, there has never been—a more exciting time to pursue a career in media. The dynamic landscape has endless opportunities for creative individuals whether your dream is beyond the camera, crafting narratives, or through content creation, a Bachelor of Arts mass Communication and Journalism course at Presidency College has you covered.

The program is designed to shape the upcoming generation's storytellers, media professionals, and critical thinkers. Presidency College in Bengaluru offers this valuable BA program to students from all over the world. Join our vibrant community and indulge in an environment that nurtures knowledge and skills for an ever-promising career in media.

Presidency College (Autonomous): Your Bridge to an Illustrious Career

Presidency College's Mass Communication course adheres to a thorough academic syllabus that fosters creativity and helps produce exceptional media professionals. Nurtured by a team of experienced and dedicated faculty members, the college has developed more than 13 dynamic courses over the years. Our institution believes in hands-on learning and strives to bridge the gap between academia and the practical world. Through experienced mentorship and a progressive ecosystem, the Bachelor of Arts mass Communication and Journalism program aspires to produce competent, skilled professionals who can contribute to the vibrant domain of media and communication.

Bangalore, the tech giant of our country, is also transforming the media landscape exponentially, opening doors for unending opportunities in the realm of media and communication. Therefore, a Bachelor of Arts mass Communication and Journalism program in one of the best colleges in Bangalore—will grant access to diverse career opportunities.

The Program Entails :
  • 1) The Mass Communication program is a 3-year course emphasizing relevant topics in the media and communications realm.
  • 2) The Presidency Autonomous College is one of the few colleges in Bangalore to offer a Bachelor of Arts mass Communication and Journalism program. We implement pragmatic training for the students to determine their interest in communication.
  • 3) Imparting students with relevant knowledge and skills, we transform aspiring sophomores into Journalists, Content creators, Public relations experts, and Advertising and Digital media specialists.
  • 4) The course exposes the students to the riveting reality of the media industry, preparing them to face the media landscape after graduation.
  • 5) For better placement training, we invite industry experts and the best professionals in the media landscape to indulge in interactive conversations with the students.
  • 6) The Presidency Autonomous College offers top-notch facilities and a thriving multicultural environment, welcoming students from diverse backgrounds.

Opportunities in Media:

The media landscape offers bright opportunities for media graduates. Here are some possible prospects:

  • 1) Students can venture into print or web journalism, contributing to Newspapers, Magazines, and other publications as writers, reporters, and editors.
  • 2) Alternatively, the allure of Broadcast Journalism welcomes students to shine as News Anchors, Insightful Commentators, Engaging presenters, Reporters, and Producers.
  • 3) In News Media, Graduates can reach the audience through blogs, videos, multimedia content, and other digital platforms.
  • 4) Other avenues include Sports Media, Advertising, Public Relations, Social Media, and Content Creation.

By refining skills and staying informed, aspiring students from our program can seize these paths to tell powerful stories that deeply resonate with the best interest of society

Summing it up

Presidency Autonomous College's Bachelor of Arts mass Communication and Journalism program is an ideal course curated for creative individuals looking to explore the facets of the media industry. Our course helps students to thrive in various branches of the evolving industry. This program covers multiple disciplines, allowing students to determine their passion and specialize in a career path following their interests. The Department of Mass Communication and Journalism is looking forward to fostering creative minds that can transform tomorrow's media world.

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BA graduates of Mass Communication and Journalism have an array of career options, such as Journalists, Content Creators, Media Analysts, Public Relations Specialists, Social Media and Advertising Executives, and more.

The program encompasses courses such as Media Theory, Print Journalism, Web Journalism, Laws and Ethics, Animation, Video Production, Cultural Studies, Advertising, Public Relations, Brand and Media Management, Research, etc.

Yes, Graduates with a bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism can pursue Master's programs and specialize in a specific field in the media landscape

Yes, the Mass Communication program at Presidency Autonomous College is designed for budding filmmakers and content creators. Courses such as Digital Storytelling, Video Production, and Video Editing are embedded to enhance filmmaking and content development skills. Equipping students with the necessary foundation to become professionals in the field.

We offer excellent opportunities for placements and networking. Each academic year, recruiters from top-tier companies choose our graduates from across departments, making us one of the effective placement cells in the colleges of Bangalore.




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