Pursue BA in Psychology to Build an Amicable Society in Today's Era.

We live in that time of the world where post-pandemic anxiety is taking a toll on our health and mind, and one is sure to have the toughest phase of their life. A degree that helps understand human nature and behaviour and offers a helping hand at times of need is sure to be considered as it will help society to become a better place to reside in. Presidency autonomous college offering a BA in psychology for undergraduates is an excellent opportunity to enrol after schooling.

What is Psychology, and How it Helps to Improve Lifestyle?
  • 1) Psychology studies human behaviour, cognitive attitude and mental functioning of emotions, thoughts and development at individual and societal levels.
  • 2) Psychology is a field that can be applied effectively where human functioning is relevant.

With the real-time application of psychology, graduates can improve the lifestyle of the people around them in a stress-free, less judgemental and more powerful way. Some of them are discussed below for a better understanding.

1) Helps to stay motivated : With no goal to achieve, you will feel empty in whatever you do. A psychologist's advice keeps the mind active throughout the day, benefitting in the long run.

2) Helps in Expressing : To express your feelings and thoughts is one of the important skills you can reap from a BA in psychology. With this skill, you can achieve a sense of understanding about yourself and your peers. Also, it helps to master non-verbal communication in society.

3) Bring difference in People’s life : Bringing a positive impact on people around you is one of the psychologist's most palpable and welcoming qualities. With a degree in psychology in arts, you are sure to help people lead a powerful and colourful life in the current depressed society.

Try your Hands on the Following Modern Psychological Careers

A modern-day psychological career has a lot to offer students. With so many fields demanding a psychologist to help them understand and involve people actively and passionately in the current world is creating a demand for BA in psychology.

Lecturers - If teaching is your passion, then BA in psychology students should consider becoming a lecturer as they are the forefront heroes in shaping young minds. Also, lecturers are the first to learn the new concepts popping up in the psychology field.

Private Sector - With societal pressure increasing daily in the private sector due to workload, target dates and cultural impact, an in-house psychologist must counsel employees’ problems and help them conquer them positively.

Government Agencies - In fields like sports, forensics, military, and police, a psychologist's work is required to unclog the human mind involved in such departments. So the government sector is searching for graduates from psychology in arts to support officials in overcoming the negative impacts of such jobs.

Analysts - An analyst requires deep thinking skills to develop any theory-based application. Also, knowledge of how things work from people’s perspectives is necessary. A psychology graduate can fulfil the above requirement as they deal with emotions and behavioural concepts of humans in day-to-day life.

What Presidency Autonomous College got to Offer you in BA in Psychology?

Providing a course in psychology that helps bring a positive impact on society is a commendable move by the Presidency autonomous college. Also, to engage the students in psychology in arts and evolve as graduates who help society back in a more holistic way is a measurable act. By pursuing a BA in psychology from Presidency autonomous college, students achieve practical knowledge via interactions with guest speakers, industry experts and experienced faculties who guide them throughout their 3-year course. Also, students sharpen their academic skills with an in-depth advanced syllabus offered by the college. One of the highlights of the course is a psychology lab provided at the campus for students to engage themselves in experiential learning. The management's spacious lab that houses around fifty apparatuses to assist students in experimenting with tests related to psychology in arts is an appreciable move. So engaging in a course that offers way beyond benefits and success is sure to be a hit when graduating from Presidency autonomous college.

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BA psychology concentrates on the liberal arts of psychology, whereas B.Sc psychology is more science-based, helping students discover more in the technical and scientific fields.

The college houses an art room for students from any discipline to indulge in creativity by using the art room to discuss events and decorate the campus during special occasions..

Innovative pedagogy with effective usage of ICT, online webinars, and flip classroom methods is provided for students. Also, the college has a spacious library and conference room to facilitate students in a world-class environment.

The degree offers benefits in almost all fields, but the major scope lies in research, counselling, analysis, social work and marketing.

The programmes offered are BA in psychology and BA in English.




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