About Lab

Business Lab

Presidency College (Autonomous) (NAAC reaccredited with A+ grade) follows a pedagogy which is a blend of both theory as well as practical.

With the help of wifi and laptop, real time experiences, explanations and interpretations of live trading of security, market fluctuations and current market price can be analysed by the students to get a feel of the theoretical concepts they study. Simulations and modern-day case study analysis are the need of the hour for any upcoming entrepreneurs and potential employees.

Presidency College (Autonomous) has a well thought and well-equipped business lab which facilitates students to conduct mock sessions, group discussions and other commerce and management related activities aiming to provide a launch pad to meet the challenges in the evolving and highly competitive business world globally.


Computer Lab

Presidency College (Autonomous) (NAAC A+ grade) has state-of-the-art, three air-conditioned computer laboratories, sprawling across 1200 sq.ft. carpet area. Each are equipped with more than forty desktop computer systems (TFT monitors). Latest configurations with licenced software such as Ms-Windows, Ms-Office, all other tools and packages required for BCA and MCA courses are available.


In addition, 3Gigabyte switches are installed in each laboratory for providing seamless Internet connection. LCD projectors facilitates the Faculty members for disseminating information to the Student community. Hardware and Software configurations are upgraded at regular intervals to be on par with dynamically changing IT world.

A smart board stationed in the lab enhances students learning experience. The Labs are very well utilized in a fruitful manner for knowledge transformation, conducting examinations and placement activities throughout the year.


Psychology Lab

Department of Journalism -Presidency College (Autonomous) (NAAC reaccredited with A+ grade) has well-furnished Psychology Lab to its acclaim. The environmental factors could also influence the learning capacity of students. Keeping this in mind, the lab is designed accordingly with much ventilation, well-lit and spacious room that facilitates the students to conduct their experiments with much ease. It comprises of all equipments that are instrumental for the prescribed BU and BCU syllabus. It houses a total of fifty various apparatus that assist in Paper – Pencil experiments like Type A, Type B Test to Psyco – Physics Experiment like Muller Lyer Illusion Test, Bhatia’s battery test for intelligence and emotional intelligence inventory. The students enjoy this form of experiential learning.

Language Lab

Language is an art which establishes the fact that man is rational and logical. The department of BA – Journalism of Presidency College (Autonomous) (NAAC A+) encourages its students to experiment learning in the lab which accommodates the perfect language learning software and gadgets like Headphones for listening to the Pronunciations, Microphones to enhance speech practicing to name a few.

Students also take online audio-visual tests and to assess their learning skills periodically. The Language lab plays a crucial role in developing the communication skills of our students which would also brighten their prospects in placement activities.


Media Lab

The BA Department of Presidency College (Autonomous) lauds of a contemporary Media Lab which comprises of Cameras, Tripod Stands, Editing Software, Speakers, Audio Mixer and Lighting Equipment. The lab is an intersection of the theoretical concepts and its practical implementation to encourage aspiring Journalists to hone their journalistic skills. The Spacious Media Lab can house that least 30 students at once with ease.

It provides them ample space and the right ambience to conduct activities such as Interviews and Editing Short Films produced by the students and mock sessions.