DATE : 27 JULY – 02 AUGUST 2015


  • RAVI KUMAR DHULIPALA [Managing Editor & Proprietor – RK Media] Chief Facilitator of the Course
    and Mr Deepak – Camera Session facilitator
  • Mr Prakash – Lighting Session facilitator
  • Mr Faisal – Telepromtor assistant
  • Mr Prakash – Editing Session facilitator

Presidency College, Kempapura, 02 Aug: The second and third year students of B.A. Journalism Department underwent a six day Television Production Course facilitated by Ravi Kumar Dhulipala, Proprietor and Managing Editor of R.K.Media, and his crew members. The batch of 26 students enrolled for the workshop were divided into two groups for in-depth and comprehensive understanding of facets of television production. The participants were all set to explore new horizons in production. Each group alternately took part in the session assigned for that day. First day saw students being explosed to professional cameras under the guidance of Camera experts Mr Deepak and Mr Prakash. The camera session began with Mr Deepak providing a basic theoretical perspective of Camera including jargon like shutter speed, aperture and white balance. Mr Prakash elucidated the importance of lighting in moving pictures. Later in the day, the students shot a short film endeavoring to get perfect shots. Second day of the programme tested the skills of an ideal news presenter, where students had to read affectively from the teleprompter. Students learned that need reading is not merely bland reading but requires a lot of other ingredients like correct diction, neutral accent, fluency, voice modulation and proper pronunciation. Third day, the students were introduced to the concept of voice over. With a highly sensitive microphone and sophisticated audio system, the students gave their vocals for a plethora of vibrant sounds. Fourth day, Mr Natrajan, sports editor of News9, joined the students to teach them about editing and the leeway it possesses. The students edited the shots taken on the first day to compile it into a short film. On fifth day, Mr Ravi
Kumar explained the nuances of writing scripts for news channels. He mentioned that scripts written for news reading differ from writing reports for print media. On the sixth and final day Mr Ravi briefed about the various stages involved in the Production Control Room (PCR). He also shared his feedback about each student by drawing their attention towards their strengths and also identifying the areas which need to be perfected. The day ended with both teams playing their respective short films which, metaphorically, showed the entire journey the students covered from ground zero to the final day.