Master of Computer Applications

Department of Computer Applications had its humble beginning, in the year 2000, offering both BCA and MCA with a strength less than 20. Since then the department had witnessed a tremendous growth which now has over 500 students and 20 staff members. The department boasts of state of the art infrastructure facility and a spacious library with diverse collection of volumes for enriching knowledge.

The first use of the word “computer” was recorded in 1613, referring to a person who carried out calculations, or computations, and the word continued with the same meaning until the middle of the 20th century. From the end of the 19th century the word began to take on its more familiar meaning, a machine that carries out computations.

Today Computers have become an indispensable media for all the day to day activities. To cater to the needs of emergent IT industry, the Department of Computer Science was introduced in the year 2000.

It is a course that is customized for students wishing to shine in the field of computers & information technology. The course aims at providing sting knowledge to the students on different areas like database and application packages, networking & Internet, logical & numerical methods, programming basics & computer fundamentals. The course also helps the students to develop core competencies in computer applications thereby creating the best professionals for the IT industry.

The entire course is outcome based and faculty are sensitive to ensure that the outcomes for each course is defined well at the beginning of the programme and shared with each student through course hand outs. This ensures expectation setting is taken care of between the learner and the teacher. Interactive lectures, pedagogy that is evolving, assignments and assessments ensure that all students achieve the specified outcomes. The role of the faculty at Presidency thus is more of a mentor, facilitator and learning is outcome based.


The eligibility under Bangalore University is a minimum of 50% (45% n case of SC/ST candidates from Karnataka only) aggregate in graduation from any UGC recognized University.


3 years split into 6 semesters

Departmental Activities

  • Two guest (2) lectures per semester on any current issue of academic relevance supported by one (1) workshop, per semester
  • Industrial visits & outbound trip (at least one (1) per semester) to reinforce conceptual knowledge
  • Encouraging participation of students in various IT fests as part of the hands-on learning experience

University Objective

A blend of Class Room Content Delivery (Lecturers) with Power Point Teaching / interactive sessions are enforced to have a friendly & holistic learning will be reinforced through quizzes, short class tests, case studies & finally through Power-point Presentations by the students, in groups, on contemporary issues. Students’ seminars & Group Discussions will add value. Guest Lectures & industrial visit are integrated into the teaching-learning process.

English & soft skill classes are also embedded in the curriculum to hone the communication skills of the students. Continuous internal assessment will be completed with the aid of Mid-Semester & End-Semester Exams, of the institution, with advance notice.

Institutional Objectives

To be delivered by a dedicated team of finance professionals with professional, post graduate and doctorate qualifications, the teaching learning process will also include a model for Soft Skills Training which will in due course make the students of MCA from Presidency College, indeed industry ready and worthy.

01 Dr. Muddu Vinay Director & Principal M.Sc., Ph.D
02 Dr. Narayana Swamy Associate Professor & HOD MCA, M.Phil, Ph.D
03 Dr. Badri H S Associate Professor
NAAC & IQAC Coordinator
MCA, M.Phil, Ph.D
04 Ms. Philomine Roseline Associate Professor MCA, M.Phil, (Ph.D)
05 Ms. Alli A Associate Professor M.Sc., M.Phil, (Ph.D)
06 Ms. Savitha G Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.B.A
07 Dr. Deepa S Associate Professor M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D

Course Outcome