Field Visit 2
Place – Press Club of Bangalore
Date – 21 August 2015

The Bangalore Press Club situated in the premises of Cubbon Park is a haven for Journalists. A one stop hub for all the local news from in and around the city. Press club for journalist is a second home, with a resort like ambience, good food and great home it is an excellent place to be at.
The students of Presidency, Centre for Media Studies- B.A were taken to press club on 21 August 2015. The students got an opportunity to witness quiet a number of Press Conferences comprising of news, comedy, drama and fun.
In the backdrop of BBMP elections which was scheduled the following day of the visit, the students witnessed political drama surrounding crime, action and tamasha. One political party making allegations and accusations against another kept the students alert. The sight of journalists and Camera persons covering this Meet with utmost zeal was all the more interesting.
To witness the happenings in the press club was a great experience, it shed the light upon how to pose questions, what ought to be asked, what news to be published and what is unworthy and needs no coverage.