Date: 23 September 2016
Resource Person: Karen Heard, International Academic, London College of fashion, University of the Arts of London
Topic : Fashion journalism
Venue: Seminar Hall

Presidency College, Sept 16: The Centre for Media Studies on the 23 September 2016 organized a session on fashion Journalism with Ms Karen Heard, international recruitment and development coordinator, London College of fashion, UAL as the guest speaker. The session was a window to the students to the opportunities available across the fashion and textiles industry. The session struck the need to analyze oneself in terms of interests and career. Students were exposed to various projects of UAL which were the best examples to study the concept of fashion and textiles, devoid of stereotypes. Ms Karen Heard dealt with the role of communication and Media in fashion industry. Through the various courses offered at UAL, different dimensions of Media and Communication fields are being explored.
Throwing light upon the London fashion week, 2016, Ms Karen Heard stressed on the quality of fashion as she firmly believes that fashion is not about looking good but a medium tell stories. Known for her passionate commitment to the research of fashion and textiles, Ms. Karen guided students to shape ones focus through systematic understanding of career options and individual crave for career thirst. Uniqueness, creativity and experimentation were the elements which she asked the students to instill in their works. The session being
interactive, brought out the clear picture of fashion journalism and as media students, the session shaped their understanding of yet another branch of journalism.