The main problem faced by persons with disabilities and those belonging to the marginalized sections of society stem from disabling environment and socio – cultural and economic barriers. Discrimination against any person on the grounds of his/her disability or physical limitations and minority status is a gross violation of universally accepted principles of equality and human rights and even constitutional obligations. Their problems in the field of higher education are a matter of great concern which needs urgent attention.

The Indian Society is singular in terms of the multifarious hues it has absorbed in its fabric. Living within its clinch are numerous groups that are segregated on the basis of language, ethnicity, class, caste, religion etc. This inequitable situation warrants a redemption which is possible through Equal Opportunity measures and policies.

To address these and other urgent issues concerning SC, ST, OBC and PwD, the Equal Opportunity Cell was set up by the Presidency College in June 2011.

The objectives of the Cell are:

  • To create an atmosphere of Equal Opportunity through awareness generation programmes.
  • To provide auxiliary support towards skill development and enhancing employability of students.
  • To tailor development and sensitization programmes to meet the distinct needs of the students.
  • To expedite legal redressal in matters of violation of equal opportunity.

The Chairperson and Members of the Equal Opportunity Cell are as follows:

Chairperson: Ms. Noreen Alexeena Datta – Asst Professor D C&M

  1. Members:
    • Mr. Harish Naik- Asst Professor DCA
    • Mr. Prabhu Deva C – Asst Professor DCA
  2. Two student representatives
    • Ms. Ashwini C – IV MIB
    • Mr. Deepak K – VI BBM
  3. Two members from non teaching staff
    • Ms. Mayanglambam Arina Devi
    • Mr. Sundar Raj