Field Visit 3
Place – Doordarshan Bengaluru Kendra
Date – 02nd February 2016

The last field visit for the sixth semester students fell on a busy weekday. The students left in joy to the scenic campus of Doordarshan Bangalore Kendra.
The students geared up for the busy day starting with delicious breakfast at Doordarshan Canteen. Armed with notebooks and curiosity, the students along with Ms. Shilpa Kalyan, entered Doordarshan studio. They were immediately welcomed by the enthusiastic and intelligent Mr. Alex Pothan who walked everyone effortlessly through the production process. They were taken to the rehearsal of a music show where they were allowed observe the set, cameras, lights, elimination of shadows and other intricate details. They were kept on their toes with demonstrations of the production process. Mr Alex, further explained the students about all the aspects of PCR or the Production Control Room which is the nerve centre of television production. Students were amused to watch the croma keying effects at work. The process of editing the video tapes by the programme producer was interesting. It was interesting to learn how the entire team will have to be on their toes to pull out a show of 30 minutes successfully. They were also given a chance to play the anchor in the newsroom. The teleprompter, variety of mics used in the news room, multi-camera set up were quite amusing to study. The students got an opportunity to watch recording of a cookery show.
This was followed by a visit to the Transmission centre of Doordarshan where they were given scientific information in layman’s terms. It is here in the transmission centre that the uplinking and downlinking of signals happen.
It was a very informational and educative visit. It triggered the thoughts of students to seriously consider taking up careers in broadcast journalism. It was clear that broadcast Journalism is not as fancy as it appears. It is the reflection of the toil of hundreds of men and women, in different capacities working tireless behind the curtains.
The trip was wound up with a fun filled ride back to college.