Activity : Guest Lecture 1
Date : January 19, 2016
Resource Person : Ms Sajita Nair
Topic : Creative Writing

The Centre for Media Studies organized a guest lecture on creative writing on 19 January , 2016. Ms.Sajita Nair, writer, trainer and a former army officer with more than eleven years of professional writing experience and the author of She’s a Jolly Good Fellow, she shared her experiences in the field of writing. The students were participative and involved themselves with zeal and enthusiasm throughout the session. Ms.Sajita Nair shared a few tips and steps involved in getting one’s article successfully published. She focused on the essentials of writing needed in the field of print world. From the accurate punctuations to online writing – she dealt with the everything that a writer must imbibe to be one including ethics. The lecture threw light upon the art of a writer to connect with his/her readers. The students learned the ethics of writing articles.
It was a learning and interactive session for the students where she answered all the queries put forth by the students to their full satisfaction.