Field Visit 2
Place – Community Radio, Neladani 90.8 Mhz, Nelamangala
Date – 31st January 2016
Smaraniya Neladhani

31st January, Bengaluru : Away from all the hustle and bustle of India’s greatest cosmopolitan hub – The Centre for Media Studies of Presidency College organized a field visit to a community radio station last Friday. The students of fourth semester thus initiated their journey to the suburbs of Bengaluru – to a comparatively peaceful town of Nelamangla in a drive that lasted just over an hour. Located under the umbrella of The DivyajyothiVidya Kendra – Neladhani happens to be one of rural Bengaluru’s most renowned and popular radio stations with the frequency of 90.8 MHz.
Stepping forth on the first floor – the infrastructure, although confined within three rooms surprised all with its polished equipment and sound proof interior. The recording room was duly attached to the control room and served as a platform for all the students in the following couple of hours.
The students introduced themselves and recorded talks, recitations and even songs, to be aired later on. Language proved to be a bar no more as recordings spanning from Kannada to even Bengali were encouraged equally.
Under the watchful eyes of accompanying Prof.ShilpaKalyan ma’am, some of the students further went on to record a group discussion on the burning issue of ‘Environmental changes’.
The fun filled session was informatively concluded by the director Mr. Venkatesh throwing considerable light on the scope of Neladhani and community radio, how he has roped in commoners like roadside beggars, farmers and even housewives on DivyaVani Neladhani – the station’s most popular show.
If the bucket of generosity was not filled already – he invited all the students to come and record anytime!
Definitely one of the most active field trips till date, the journey to Neladhani became even more sweet with rural Bengaluru’s utter simplicity and openness as the visitors hijacked the institution’s ongoing farewell party with sumptuous servings of vada, curd rice, jalebi and ice cream!
Indeed it was and will be Smaraniya Neladhani.