Report on English Club ‘Odyssey’

English Club – Odyssey conducted a „Caption Writing Contest‟ on 05th of August 2016 in Room 105 from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. This event was held across all departments. More than 25 students participated in the event. Students were judged on creativity, relevance and uniqueness. The event was interesting as it captured the perceptiveness and creativity of the students. Cash prizes were awarded to the winners of the competition.

The winners are as follows:

  1. 1st Prize – Barsha Nandy (V Sem BA J)
  2. 2nd Prize – Nilanjan Chakraborty (III BCOM B)
  3. 3rd Prize – Ecclesia Rachel M (I BBA A)

Consolation prizes Oindrila (V Sem BA J)
Simran Sidhu (V BA J)

Report on Hindi Club ‘Khoj’

Hindi Club – Khoj conducted a „Creative Writing Competition‟ on 05th of August 2016 in Room 105 from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. This event was held across all departments. More than 20 students participated in the event. Students were judged on creativity, relevance and uniqueness. The topic of the creative writing competition was „Manobal hi Mahabal‟.

The winners are as follows:

  1. 1st Prize – Nidhi Sharma (III Sem BCA)
  2. 2nd Prize – Preksha Pandey (V Sem BCOM)
  3. 3rd Prize –Shubham Kumar (I BCA )

Report on kannada Club Prathibhana

Kannada Club – Prathibhana conducted a „pick and speak‟ on 05th of August 2016 in the class Room from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. This event was held across the departments. More than 28 students participated in the event. Students were judged on the basis of General knowledge , Vocabulary proficiency, content of the Topic. The topics were based on current issues. Books were given as a Prize to the winners of the competition.

The winners are as follows:

    4. 1st Prize – Meghana V SEM D C A.,
    5. 2nd Prize – Devika V SEM D C A., – Manjunath I SEM D C A.,
    6. 3rd Prize – Hemanth kumar – III SEM Bcom., – Darshan I SEM D C A.,

Report of UDAAN

Human Rights club of Presidency College successfully conducted its first event on 6th of August ;Fresher’s day.
It was a fund raising activity where we sold Hand made cards; chocolates; friendship bands and water bottles. Club students and I had put in some money for initial investment and we could raise Rs. 3,200. Per student contribution was Rs. 50 and I had sponsored water bottles for the same. This money will be utilised for further activities of the club.
Students of Various streams purchased theses chocolates and cards to dedicate to their teachers and friends. I am yet to receive Photographs for the event. Will mail as soon as I receive.

With herds of cyclists scurrying down the road, RCPC hosted its first cycle day.

On 14th August‟2016, with the break of the dawn, the streets of R.T. Nagar were filled with a number of enthusiastic people, irrespective of their age, ready to pedal their cycles down the alley as Rotaract Club of Presidency College hosted their first cycle day event in collaboration with BCOS (Bangalore Coalition for Open Streets).

The prequel to the event was the laughter therapy session by a senior resident of the place and was joined by a crowd guffawing and filling the whole ambience with cries of joy. After that the main event started and thecyclists sped off their way through the fixed area for cycling with volunteers standing at different checkpoints to guide them with proper directions. Every issue was taken care of, with responsibility, by the volunteers as they motivated the cyclists on their way. The presence of the MLA of R.T. Nagar was a star attraction as he also cycled his way out inspiring the others. After three successive rounds of cycling now it was the time for some fun and frolic to begin. With the woofers roaring on the beats and various games options to go with, the energy level of the participants boosted and everywhere there were groups of people either playing or dancing, making full benefit of their Sunday morning. Volunteers also provided the participants with glucose and biscuits to keep their spirits going so that they don‟t feel fatigued.

But this was not the end of it. As soon as this pomp and show was over, there were a series of events lined up for the crowd to watch and enjoy. To begin with, there was tug of war competition between the Rotaractors and TROOPERS INDIA, later it was the flash mob and the street play which grabbed everyone‟s attention. Both the acts were based on the themes of Independence. A group of rotaractors danced on a fusion of Hindi songs spreading the vibe of patriotism and “fight for right” which was further strengthened by the Hindi street play with the theme- “An idea of independent India”.

The event ended successfully with a final tug of war match between boys and girls and a vote of appreciation by the Club President, Rtr. Akshatha . The event received a very warm and overwhelming feedback from the people there and it was suggested to have such events on a frequent basis. The success of cycle day was a result of a joint efforts of RCPC members supported by DLTW, BBMP, Rotary RMV and Vishweshvaraya Welfare Association in assistance with the Traffic Police and Ambulance. The event CYCLE DAY 2.0 is an initiative to bring about awareness about the increasing pollution and other environmental issues which leads to spread of hazardous diseases. Everytime CYCLE DAY comes with a message to make efforts for bringing a right change in the society and make it A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE.


The Rotaract Club of Presidency College carried out the second session for the Handymen‟s English workshop on August 27, 2016 at 3 o‟clock in the college premises. The workshop was organized by the Club under the supervision of the Director of Community Services, Rtr. Shashank Sharma and his team.

The workshop started with an overview of the previous session where the handymen were asked to recollect the sentences taught earlier. There was a great deal of satisfaction for the volunteers as the handymen remembered it all. This gave a boost to their morale and they started to teach the Handymen further in high spirits, introducing new methods. This time, harder and longer sentences where taught to Handymen and they were asked to repeat the sentences one by one. The handymen wrote all the English sentences in kannada as to understand it properly through the reference notes.

The workshop ended in a quick succession and at the end of it, the handymen were asked to give their names of various competition, to be held in the upcoming Handymen‟s Fest. With great zeal and enthusiasm, many handymen came forward to give their names for different events like singing, dancing, Rangoli making etc. The second season also ended successfully as the Rotaract Club pledged to keep working with the aim of spreading literacy in the society.