Date: 15 March 2016
Resource Person: Prof Ranita Hirji, Dean – COMMITS
Topic: Careers in Journalism
Venue: Seminar Hall, Presidency College

The day saw the students and faculty of the Centre of Media Studies visited by the Dean of Commits, Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication. She was a breath of fresh air for the students who were still confused about the steps they should take through their present degree to shape their future, and the senior most semester that are about to graduate and face real time professional issues.
The session saw Abhishek Majumdar of 6th Semester, welcome her on behalf of the department amongst the humble gathering. Prof Ranita took to the children as the biblical shepherd would to his fold. The session began with much gusto with her enlightening the children on the ins and outs of the industry and the mode of campaign to undertake to lay siege to the achievement of our goals.
She spoke about marketing oneself, and getting into the industry of media marketing. First she simply enlightened all present on the common knowledge of the most used outbound marketing, i.e., from the Business to the Customer, or from the Manufacturing Industry to the Business. Then she went on to concentrate and enwrap our minds on the core topic in question in lieu of media opportunities and promoting oneself. Thus, she spoke about Inbound Marketing. She spoke of oneself as a self-sustaining business, one that would spawn one’s career, and took the real life example to define Inbound Marketing: Business-to-Business, Customer-to-Customer, e.g.- OLX. She questioned on the apparent transparency of the institutions and asked if anyone knew what Infosys actually did. She revealed that the products of its IT firms was business to business and catered to a specific set of customers, yet we can only see them spend a lot on brand building. In comparison, in the career market, we are the niche market and our skill set the niche product. She evoked a stream of consciousness in students when she said that it important to be thought leaders before being a monotonous participant of skill sets. She gave a step-by-step analysis through a fun and ‘filmy’ presentation, while giving her ear and advice to all our enquiries. She spoke of content marketing and understanding products, and then only can we
know when and where to contribute. She advised us to do Masters in the field of media we would build our career upon. She encouraged the gift of the gab in our profession. She encouraged those interested in film making to take a course on film editing; those in marketing and content to take up analysis, and through other similar connect-the-dots advice, she gave us a clear view of our path.
She in her concluding last minutes stressed upon the importance of digital media too in our lives. How everything we would strive for is divided under the same of entertainment, Marketing and News. Her words left a deep impact in the minds of the children.
After Abhishek of the 6th Semester again took the stage to give an impromptu and really heartfelt vote of thanks on the behalf of every enlightened soul in the room. She graciously thanked all for inviting her and left our company with her words of wisdom, that of commitment, inspiration, and creativity. She spoke of the power of imagination.