Welcome to Presidency College, an Institution that rests on a strong academic foundation

- Dr. Muddu Vinay

From Director & Principal's Desk

Welcome to Presidency College, an Institution that rests on a strong academic foundation, blended with a modern approach, that seeks to mould young men and women into successful role models. Our country is poised for takeoff, to claim her piece of the sky and at Presidency we believe that only knowledge can give you wings. As you step into the portals of this College, you are engulfed by our ethos of character, discipline and competence.

The Presidency culture stands for being sure-footed in knowledge, showcasing the confidence to take on the best in the world, yet to always be grounded in the values and traditions of our country. This century has been hailed as one of great progress, with boundaries blurring, with commerce soaring and with the world waking up to the immense potential of India.

The syllabus we follow is aimed at propelling the students of this institution to step out into the professional sphere with an edge over others, as we at Presidency give curriculum an international dimension, incorporating therein latest methods and technology in pedagogy. To develop an academic bent of mind, various associations conduct activities around the year.

Talents are honed through an amalgam of classroom learning as well as sports, games. Cultural and other allied activities. This all round grooming of personality is the cornerstone of education imparted at Presidency College.

We believe that you “gain more knowledge, reach greater heights” and accountability and meritocracy only come with self-confidence, a quality that is present in all Presidensions. We welcome all aspiring young minds to join this enthusiastic family of Presidensions in pursuing knowledge to serve the world at large.