Department of Computer Applications

Bachelor of Computer Applications

Department of Computer Applications had its humble beginning, in the year 2000, offering both BCA and MCA with a strength less than 20. Since then the department had witnessed a tremendous growth which now has over 500 students and 20 staff members. The department boasts of state of the art infrastructure facility and a spacious library with diverse collection of volumes for enriching knowledge.

Our BCA is ranked as India’s top 07 as per the survey of India Today Neilson Survey as on June 2014.

The entire course is outcome based and faculty are sensitive to ensure that the outcomes for each course is defined well at the beginning of the programme and shared with each student through course hand outs. This ensures expectation setting is taken care of between the learner and the teacher. Interactive lectures, pedagogy that is evolving, assignments and assessments ensure that all students achieve the specified outcomes. The role of the faculty at Presidency thus is more of a mentor, facilitator and learning is outcome based.

Learning Outcomes

Enables the students to identify and sharpen their IT/ programming skills.

Eligibility for admission:

Candidates should have passed in the qualifying examinations (Pre University or Intermediate) from any recognized Secondary Education Board.

Any student who has passed JODC or Diploma in Engineering (of three year duration of Government of Karnataka) with a minimum of 35% of aggregate marks in every semester / year.


3 years split into 6 semesters.

Mode of Assessment

Continuous evaluation which is spread throughout the course, has the evaluation components as given below.

Sl. No. Evaluation Component Weight Age (%)
1 Presentation (Any technical topic pertaining to syllabus) 10
2 Assignments 10
3 Attendance 40
4 Class/Mid-term Test 20
5 Preparatory Exam 20
Total* 100

*Total Marks obtained are scaled down to the internal marks (30) as specified by the university


  • To develop entrepreneurs
  • To develop ethical managers with inter disciplinary knowledge
  • To develop business philosophers with a focus on social responsibility and ecological sustainability
  • To develop IT enabled global middle level managers for solving real life business problems and addressing business development issues with a passion for quality, competency and holistic approach
  • To prepare students to take up higher education to become business scientists, researchers, consultants and teachers, with core competencies

Institutional Objectives

  • To provide overall holistic development of students apart from honing their analyzing and programming skills related to the applications of computer
  • To equip the students with traditional as well as contemporary trends of the IT industry
  • To provide a holistic education creating confident graduates with problem solving skills and techniques while moulding them into exemplary citizens
01 Dr. Narayana Swamy Associate Professor & HOD MCA, M.Phil, Ph.D
02 Mr. Pachayappan R Assistant Professor MCA
03 Lt Guru Prasad A Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Electronics & Maths), MBA, KSET
04 Ms. Vasantha Kumari Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
05 Mr. Vijay Fidelis Assistant Professor MCA, M.Phil, (Ph.D)
06 Ms. Veena M Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
07 Mr. Harish Naik T Assistant Professor MCA, M.Phil, (Ph.D)
08 Mr. N Kartik Assistant Professor MCA,(Ph.D)
09 Dr. Lalitha B N Associate Professor M.A (Hindi), B.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D
10 Mr. Prabhu Deva C Assistant Professor M.A (Kannada), M.Ed
11 Ms. Umme Haani Fiza A Assistant Professor M.A (English), (Ph.D)
12 Ms. Sheetal Assistant Professor MCA, B.Ed, (Ph.D)
13 Ms. Suma . S.V. Assistant Professor BE, PGDBA HR, MTech(CSE)
14 Ms. Harshini .A.S Assistant Professor MFA
15 Ms. Anitha D’Souza J Assistant Professor MCA, M.Phil
16 Ms. Jyoti Vaishnav Assistant Professor MCA, M.Phil

Course Outcome